About Us

About UsAVENTIA is the new strong player in the global solar energy market, offering PV solutions for residential, commercial and large-scale installations.

It is a member of a leading group of companies with over 25 years of successful market presence.

AVENTIA was founded by a team of professionals with a deep understanding and extended knowledge of the international solar industry as well an extensive track record in entrepreneurship. Its offices are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Athens, Greece.

AVENTIA manufactures quality Mono and Polycrystalline solar modules in Europe, conforming to the quality standards of TUV, MCS, CE, IEC.

Additionally, our collaboration with leading logistics and transportation companies ensures in-time deliveries.

With the support of our 3PL partners in the Netherlands, Slovenia and Greece, we are able to guarantee delivery of our products in no more than seven days, anywhere in Europe.

In AVENTIA we understand the complex parameters defining the solar business environment and acknowledge the fact that we cannot control the market, global prices nor government subsidies in each country.

For this reason we prefer to focus on things we can really control and influence such as the services we provide, the quality and reliability of our solar panels and the creation of a support system that will allow seamless collaboration with our partners.

This is our philosophy and through this code of conduct we carry our daily transactions with people that honour us with their trust or will do so in the future.

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